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The The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation has presented a new report on innovation in the US. This is part of the series of ideas that the ITIF is suggesting for the next president's agenda. Previously in this blog.
I find interesting three of the eight measures suggested in the report:

1. expand tax credit for R&D
2. create a National Innovation Foundation
3. reform the patent system


Nanodot is another blog about nanotechnology.


Developing nanotechnology in Latin America

For those interested in nanotechnology in Latin America, here is the link to "Developing nanotechnology in Latin America", an article just published by me and Phil Shapira (Georgia Institute of Technology) in the Journal of Nanoparticle Research:

This article investigates the development of nanotechnology in Latin America with a particular focus on Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay. Based on data for nanotechnology research publications and patents and suggesting a framework for analyzing the development of R&D networks, we identify three potential strategies of nanotechnology research collaboration. Then, we seek to identify the balance of emphasis upon each of the three strategies by mapping the current research profile of those four countries. In general, we find that they are implementing policies and programs to develop nanotechnologies but differ in their collaboration strategies, institutional involvement, and level of development. On the other hand, we find that they coincide in having a modest industry participation in research and a low level of commercialization of nanotechnologies.


New York Times: "Supreme Court’s Global Influence Is Waning"


A preliminary report (PDF) on the U.S. S&T competitiveness
from The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation claims that the earlier RAND research contains numerous analytical flaws and America’s economic competitiveness scenarios are not so optimistic.
According to RAND's researchers, the U.S. continues to lead the world in most key science and technology measures.
The comprehensive report from ITIF will be available in November 2008.


Could terrorists use Second Life? In Wired blogs, Pentagon Researcher Unveils Warcraft Terror Plot


Everybody is talking about Google Chrome. I tried it. I see that it is probably a bit faster than Firefox 3.0 and its minimalist look is nice. But, overall, nothing impressive.
Actually, it is interesting the comments of some people about it. Few days ago I heard some guys talking about how cool it is and, between the "cool" features, they emphasized the crash control thing. That sounds pretty incredible: the customer values above all how the product responds to malfunctions!?


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