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If this is the first time you visit this blog, you first need to know that it has been very difficult to keep the site updated. I started the blog in 2004, when I was still living in Santa Fe, Argentina. The blog was very active during its first two years of life, but then, in 2006, I moved to Atlanta, GA to start my Ph.D.... I has spent a lot of time in front of the computer since then, but no time for blogging though.
You will see that "Blog on entrepreneurship, technological innovation and venture capital" (at the top of the page) still reflects the main contents of this blog in its early days. I am still interested in those topics (indeed, my research is related to those topics) but the blog now has a much broader coverage (and it is bilingual, partly to keep an archive of all the Spanish content already created).
Hopefully, I will continue writing on those topics, so come back regularly if you share the same interests. In particular, I may share some thoughts on the topic of my dissertation, inducement prizes and their effect on technological innovation (which is even more interesting!)



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