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MIT Technology Review: Undermining China's Monopoly on Rare Earth Elements. See also the Critical Materials Strategy (PDF) report.


I didn't hear anymore about this story: Chinese Government Studies Ithaca HOURS


Yahoo chief apologizes to Chinese dissidents' relatives


NY Times: As China Roars, Pollution Reaches Deadly Extremes


Tax reform in China: it reduces the current corporate income tax rate from 33% to 25%. Besides, the new Corporate Income Tax Law ("CIT Law") reflects four tax reform themes that China seeks to develop:
1. a less complicated tax system;
2. a broader tax base;
3. a lower tax rate; and
4. a stronger tax administration.
There is an interesting article about these tax reforms on IndustryWeek.


MarketWatch: The Chinese government on Sunday said it was making a $3 billion investment in The Blackstone Group, marking the first time it's ever invested part of its massive foreign exchange reserves into a company.


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