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The The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation has presented a new report on innovation in the US. This is part of the series of ideas that the ITIF is suggesting for the next president's agenda. Previously in this blog.
I find interesting three of the eight measures suggested in the report:

1. expand tax credit for R&D
2. create a National Innovation Foundation
3. reform the patent system


A preliminary report (PDF) on the U.S. S&T competitiveness
from The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation claims that the earlier RAND research contains numerous analytical flaws and America’s economic competitiveness scenarios are not so optimistic.
According to RAND's researchers, the U.S. continues to lead the world in most key science and technology measures.
The comprehensive report from ITIF will be available in November 2008.


RepRap: "The promise of advanced fabrication technology that can copy itself is a truly remarkable concept with far reaching implications."


This blog is not posting about iPhone.


Wired: Microsoft's New Virtual Reality Apps Evoke Blade Runner (I really enjoyed this film).


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